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Literary Book Series

New and not yet been released books by Potter's Press.

The Chapbook Series (50 pages)

The river comes again,

it washes away all my fear

and makes me as a small drop

in a great body of water.

I have all but disappeared

into the system.

It is this same vast

biosphere that forgets

me too.

Someone else’s couch becomes

my bed; someone shares their

food with me, the hungry woman.


This small chapbook tells a story in verse of Nancy Green, a homeless woman standing in

the street. She asked to tell her story. This moving account by poet and author

Emily Isaacson reminds us of what matters in  this life and how precious humanity is to God.

The Blossom Jar by Emily Isaacson 

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Fiction Books

  The Godfather's Daughter by Inna Pavlovna

Seagull Rose is the fourth daughter of Godfather Piece, and a woman of transient kingdoms where they live on the seashore.  She works as a maid to the doctor’s house on the cliff. In the meantime, two German children have disappeared, setting a search in action in a campground in Parksville.

As for the house with no door in the land of Avalon, here there is a mysterious Elf-like man who has a blue bowl. With a quest for adventuring into other worlds and realms, this book has the timeless quality of magic to discover whether the imaginary realms have more power over us than real life.

Lucerne is unsure how she will survive when her mother goes to Mars as part of a new colony. Her father, a doctor, is a busy instructor at the local University and leaves her to the care of a new nanny named Scarlett. Lucerne is sure her mother has left her forever, but Scarlett is reassuring.

Has the red planet laid claim to her mother over her? Lu asks. As she struggles through life without her mother, Lucerne wonders if the school system will raise her without repercussions. She is intelligent and caring, but who can expect to give up the person who means most to you without a backward glance. As the autumn in her life turns from fiery red to the cold white of winter, Lucerne must keep her heart from freezing for good. Will life ever melt into spring?

Scarlet Prejudice ~ a novel by Emily Isaacson 


  The Mythic Hunter of Dusseldorf