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Victoriana by Emily Isaacson

Victoriana by Emily Isaacson

Release date: September 29, 2015

Paperback  $9.99 

E-book  $3.99

110 pages

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Praise for...

"Victoriana is superb! A gift for the heart to ponder..."

--Brayden Sawatzky, President of the Fraser Valley Poets Society

  Author of A Breath of Light!


"Victoriana draws you into the majesty of the past and gives hope for the future."

--Brian Headley, director of the Listening Prayer Community

   Speaker and counsellor


Victoriana is the poetry of times past. Children run in the fields of wildflowers. The seasons' many colors have found their voice at last, with dedicated romance. From celebrated author and artist Emily Isaacson, we are given a breath of fresh air of all things Victorian in her work of art in three sections.

From flowers arranged, to gingham aprons, nostalgia rules this era. Victoriana by Isaacson is a revisiting of Victorian times, and their three tier influence on modern day relationships: decor, art, and thought. She is the creator of many quotable moments on the road to Victoria.

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